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Immerse yourself in a mystical atmosphere of music, shapes and colours. A fascinating highlight that awakens breathtaking emotions and enchants your senses. Experience the magic of an unforgettable journey through light and sound.

Laser shows can take place indoors or outdoors.

A minimum height of 4 metres and a minimum room length of 10 metres is required for indoor rooms. The larger and higher the room, the better. In addition, any existing fire and smoke detection systems must be taken into account, as a laser show requires some haze or fog. 


Outside, the effects appear more expansive and buildings, trees or similar can be included and used as projection surfaces. However, outdoor use depends on the local conditions and the weather, especially the air movement.


I will be happy to discuss the feasibility and the process with you by telephone or, even better, directly on site.


Graphic projections are possible, in which, for example, lettering, logos or animated two- or three-dimensional graphics are projected onto a surface such as buildings, gauze, trees, etc. or beam laser shows, in which spectacular shapes are formed from light and made visible that run precisely to the beat of the music. Of course, the two can also be combined.


The beams become visible when they hit something or when the air contains enough particles on which the focussed light can refract. Fog, for example, is suitable for this, which is produced with appropriate machines and distributed with fans.

The various show types can also be supported by video projection (e.g. photos, graphics or videos) and/or lighting effects.


It goes without saying that all the equipment used complies with current safety regulations. As a laser safety officer, I guarantee professional and safe handling so that you can enjoy your show without any worries.


With px Lasershow Saxony you book a first-class laser show, laser show for wedding or multimedia show.

Laser show for weddings


Everything should be perfect on this special day.

With a wedding laser show, you ensure an emotional goosebump experience that will be remembered.


In a graphic show, for example, names, dates and other personal items can be integrated and projected to tell the shared story or special memories. Video clips, individual pictures or a slide show can also be integrated. However, you can also use "standard graphics" that match the event and set the tone.

In the beam show, the effects run in synchronisation with the music, which is selected according to your ideas. The projectors sometimes create multi-dimensional structures of light, which are made visible by haze, fog and/or water. The whole thing can also be accompanied by the use of video projections or additional lighting effects.


A combination of the different show types is usually recommended.


Live Lasershow from saxony

Live Lasershow

Unlike a previously programmed graphic or beam show, the laser projectors can also be controlled directly via software and hardware.

This type of show is usually used in clubs, for live music, festivals, theatre performances or similar.

Laser show from Saxony

Laser show & fireworks

Perfect as an innovative addition or alternative to traditional fireworks. Also suitable for locations where conventional fireworks are not desired.

indoor and outdoor possible
outstandingly customisable
no fine dust pollution, no CO2
no impairment of animals
usually do not require authorisation 
complete support by laser safety officer


Company Christmas party - MetaTec Penig

New Year's reception Jupiter Projekt & Service GmbH - Hotel Drei Schwanen Hohenstein-Ernstthal

Hiltruper Sea lights - Premier Best Western Seehotel Krautkrämer

FUN - JUMP - RUN - TV Kleinschwarzbach

Hit night - Garten Eden Noack in Halbendorf

School and local festival - Gahlenz / Oederan

Children's motorbike ride Beinhart - Billy Bad Berggießhübel

Club festival - Droysiger Sportgemeinschaft e.V.

Bath festival - Solewasser Vitalpark Bad Frankenhausen

Kirmes - Heimatverein Adelsberg

Christmas party - Pferdesportzentrum Delitzsch

Club festival - Blue Knights Saxonia e.V.

Children and fire brigade festival - Niedergräfenhain

Local festival - Struppen

City centre festival - Limbach Oberfrohna

IRRC - Frohburger Dreieck

Many weddings, birthdays and other celebrations 



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Wedding laser show for the bachelor party near Geithain, Saxony

Lasershow Wedding


Lasershow Demo Atmospheric 3 Channel in Geithain, Sachsen

Lasershow Demo Atmospheric 3 Channel


Laser show presentation 3 in the showroom in Geithain, Saxony

Showroom Impression green to red


Lasershow Demo 3 Channels in Showroom

Lasershow Demo 3 Channels


Wedding laser show at the Landgasthof Bubendorf

Wedding laser show at Landgasthof Bubendorf


Wedding laser show at Landgasthof Bubendorf

Graficshow at Landgasthof Bubendorf


Laser show for the wedding in the Parkschänke Limbach Oberfrohna 1

Lasershow for wedding of Simone & Michael


Lasershow for wedding at the Parkschänke Limbach Oberfrohna

beautiful orange colours for the wedding of Simone & Michael


Video excerpt of the laser show for the wedding in the Parkschänke Limbach Oberfrohna

2WEI - Survivor


Laser show at the Adelsberg funfair, Chemnitz (Saxony)
Liquid Sky at the Adelsberg funair


Laser show at the Adelsberg funfair, Chemnitz (Saxony)

Laser show for the Adelsberg funfair


Laser show at the Adelsberg funfair, Chemnitz (Saxony)

Video clip Adelsberg 2022 funfair



My aim is to offer you the laser show that I would like to see myself. And at a fair price.

The amount of the price depends on several factors. 

On the one hand, it is the technology used. Laser projectors are expensive, high-tech devices that can create complex shapes and even graphics from individual laser beams. Good scanners are able to display several thousand dots per second. In addition, two small mirrors move incredibly quickly and precisely.

But the projectors alone do not make a laser show. You need a lot more hardware and software to put on a laser show for a wedding, for example. 

Secondly, it is the time required for preparation and the event itself. The often-heard idea that you can quickly set up a few devices and press "play" does not correspond to reality. It is not unusual for the preparation of a show to take several weeks. 

As with many things, the motto applies here too:


You get, what you pay for.

...by the way: 

I am happy to make special offers for non-profit organisations, fire brigades, children's and youth facilities or schools.

Laser show packages

The packages listed are for guidance only, as the actual requirements always depend on your ideas and the venue.

Every laser show is individual, which is why I prefer to make an offer after a personal consultation at the venue.   

Comprehensive advice is a matter of course and is included in the price, as are on-site appointments and set-up and dismantling.  

There are no hidden additional costs and full transparency. 


ab €490

  • Kind of show beam oder grafic
  • Location indoor
  • Laser  1-3 projectors up to 4W
  • Assembly time ca. 2 hours


ab €2500

  • Kind of show beam, grafic, multimedia, live
  • Location indoor/outdoor
  • Laser 5-10 projectors up to 20W
  • Assembly time at cost


If you have any questions about lasershows, you can use the form or contact me via the usual media.


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04643 Geithain




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