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A laser show is a spectacular visual performance that is created using laser beams. In a laser show, high-energy lasers are used to create impressive light effects, patterns, animations and colours. These shows are often used at events such as concerts, club nights, trade fairs and other occasions to fascinate and entertain the audience. They can be used both indoors and outdoors and create a unique visual experience that is often combined with music and sound effects. Laser shows require specialised laser equipment and experienced experts. 

There are different types of laser shows, which vary depending on the area of application and the desired visual effect. Here are some of the most common types of laser shows:

  • Graphic laser show: These shows use lasers to project complex graphics, patterns, text and animations onto a screen or surface. They are popular at concerts, festivals and public events.
  • Beam or room show: Laser beams are sent through haze, fog or other media to create visible beams and shapes. This creates an intense and dramatic visual effect.
  • Laser-Mapping: Laser mapping is used to project laser images or animations precisely onto three-dimensional objects or buildings. It is often used for artistic installations and building stagings.
  • Multimedia-Lasershow: Lasers are synchronised with music and other media elements to create an immersive experience. They are popular in nightclubs, at music festivals and in theatre productions, and we often use them for wedding laser shows. 
  • Laser-Logoprojection: These shows focus on the display of company logos and text using lasers. They are often used in advertising and promotions.

Lasershows can in principle be carried out at many different locations. However, there are some important points that need to be considered and on which the feasibility depends.

Die Security of spectators and the surrounding area has the highest priority. Among other things, safety distances must be maintained and it must be ensured that there are no dangers or nuisances in the surrounding area.

Laser shows usually require a certain amount of haze or fog to be generated. Fire alarm systems and sensitive environments can prevent this.

Another point is the power supply. it must be ensured that sufficient power capacity is available at the venue to operate the laser equipment. For outdoor shows, at least a 32A starting current connection should be available. Indoors, depending on the size, a 16A power connection or several separately fused 230V 16A sockets are usually sufficient.

In addition, music is an elementary component of most laser shows, which is also not desired everywhere.


Outdoor laser shows are of course also dependent on the weather. Wind in particular can quickly ruin a beam laser show. Without a reflective medium such as fog, no beams can be seen.

Since the exact requirements vary depending on the region and local laws, we take care of the check in advance and take care of the necessary steps. 

For most closed events, however, there is no need to submit applications or obtain licences. 

  1. You get in touch with us.
  2. A preliminary telephone or written discussion about your wishes, feasibility and to define a rough framework.
  3. Personal meeting on site for detailed planning. Of course, an on-site meeting is not necessarily required. I am also happy to visit the venue on my own to plan the details.
  4. Programming and preparation of your laser show.
  5. The Show! - Depending on the effort and agreement, we travel 3-5 hours or sometimes even days in advance to set up and set up our equipment. We attach great importance to an orderly and, if necessary, discreet approach.

If free capacity is available, a lead time of a few days is theoretically sufficient for the presentation of a standard show. However, the dates are often fully booked and individual requests cannot be catered for.

I recommend making the enquiry at least 3-6 months before your desired date. This leaves enough time for planning and realisation. The bigger, more individual and therefore more complex the show is, the earlier the planning should start.

If laser shows are planned and performed correctly, there is no danger.

It is important to have laser shows performed by professionals who are familiar with the safety aspects and ensure that spectators and the surrounding area are protected. People attending laser shows should always follow the instructions and warnings of the organiser.

Showlaser emit highly focussed light, sometimes at high power. In the worst case, improper handling can lead to eye injuries, burns or fires.

Complex calculations and/or measurements of the maximum permissible irradiation (MZB) are necessary to ensure show safety, especially for so-called "public scanning / audience scanning", which offers the most impressive laser show experiences and in which the audience is consciously included in the presentation of the show.

Apart from a sufficiently dimensioned power connection, nothing needs to be provided. We bring everything you need for the show. Our complete packages include all the equipment from projectors to fog machines, fans, screens, projectors and a high-quality music system.

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